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A Ph.D. student at Tohoku university (Miyagi, Japan).

A visiting scholar at UCLA (2015-2017).

Ph.D. student at Tohoku university.

Research Interest
My current interest is the formation and evolution of galaxies at redshift z ~ 0 to 3. By making use of deep data, I have studied properties of galaxies (e.g., stellar population and structure), to understand their evolution paths.
I'm currently a visiting scholar at UCLA, under the supervision of Prof. Tommaso Treu, studying galaxy properties in cluster and field environments by using GLASS and HFF data with his team members.
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I'm financially supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan, as a JSPS fellowship.
I'm also supported by Tohoku University Institute For International Advanced Research and Education, which provides me an advanced interdisciplinarye education and financial support.


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London, UK.


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Santiago, Chile.

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