Multi-band photometric catalog of Ks-selected sources

wide (4FOV, ~103□')deep (1FOV, ~28□')
photometric catalogMODScatalog_mosaicKwide_18nov10MODScatalog_mosaicKdeep_18nov10
  • The color measurements for 'wide' catalog are performed with 1.2" diameter aperture on the PSF-matched full mosaic images (FWHM~0.6"), while those for 'deep' catalog are carried out with 1.0" aperture on the GT-2 only PSF-matched images (FWHM~0.5"). See Kajisawa et al., PASJ, in press, arXiv:1012.2115 for details.
  • Filter transmission curves used for the photometric redshift in the catalogs

Morphological catalog of galaxies at z~1 in the deep field

The morphological sample contains 155 galaxies with a stellar mass Ms ≥ 10^{10} M_sun at 0.8 ≤ z ≤ 1.2 in the MODS deep catalog (MODScatalog_mosaicKdeep_18nov10). See Konishi et al. 2011, PASJ, in press, arXiv:1009.3377.

  • Columns 1-7 - Basic properties of the galaxy derived from the MODS deep catalog.
    • Column 1 - Galaxy identification number.
    • Columns 2 and 3 - Right Ascension (R.A.) and Declination (Dec.) of the galaxy for epoch J2000 in degrees.
    • Column 4 - Apparent Ks-band magnitude in the AB system.
    • Column 5 - Redshift of the galaxy.
    • Column 6 - Type of the redshift (spectroscopic or photometric)
    • Column 7 - Stellar mass of the galaxy in units of 10^{10} M_sun.
  • Column 8 - MIPS 24 μm flux in units of μJy derived from the 24 μm source catalog (M. Dickinson et al. in preparation; R. Chary et al. in preparation).

    Possible 24 μm sources which would be caused by confusion effect identified by visual inspection on the MIPS 24 μm image are denoted by an asterisk.

  • Column 9 - IR luminosity in units of 10^{11} L_sun based on the 24 μm flux.
  • Columns 10-14 - Morphological properties of the galaxy measured in the Ks-band.
    • Column 10 - Sérsic index of the fit to the galaxy.
    • Column 11 - Effective radius along the semimajor axis of the galaxy.
    • Column 12 - Axial ratio of the galaxy.
    • Column 13 and 14 - Concentration and Asymmetry indices of the galaxy.
  • Galaxies listed in the X-ray catalog (Alexander et al. 2003) are denoted as "X-ray" in the Comment.

Postage stamps contain (i)HST/ACS z-band image, (ii)MOIRCS Ks-band image, (iii)Ks-band model-subtracted residual image, and (iv)Ks-band 1-D surface brightness profile, for each galaxy.

Images (FITS files)

Mosaic Image

PSF-matched Mosaic Image (FWHM~0.6")

GT-2 Only Mosaic (for deep catalog)

GT-2 Only PSF-matched Mosaic (FWHM~0.5", matched to J-band data)

High resolution images (GT-2 only, FWHM~0.4")