Reproduction notes for

Noise-based Detection and Segmentation of Nebulous Objects

Mohammad Akhlaghi and Takashi Ichikawa. ApJS, 220, 1 (arXiv:1505.01664)



The scripts necesssary to exactly reproduce the data-generated numbers and figures in this paper are provided in the arXiv source and can be viewed online on Gitlab. The updating is possible on the latter, it is therefore recommended. On Gitlab the full pipeline can also be inspected online without downloading.

Necessary data

The Subaru SuprimCam image used in the paper and necessary for the scripts can be downloaded from here:
CORR01269690.fits (86 Mb).

Cutouts of the real galaxy images (from the COSMOS survey) are available in COSMOS-Cutouts.tar.gz (27.4 Mb). After unpacking this tarball, specify the directory as the value of the CUTOUTS variable of reproduce/parameters/reproduce/

The arXiv version

On arXiv, the source files of any paper can be downloaded by following the Other Formats link on the top right of the page. In the "Format selector" page, the source files are available with the Download source link.

Once it is downloaded, please put it in any directory you like and specify its absolute address as the value to the SCCCD variable in reproduce/ file.

Issues with scripts