The purpose of this Japan-Korea seminar 2009 is to provide a good opportunity
for active representative astronomers (theorists and observers) in both countries
to get together and share our recent scientific achivements on both sides
in the area of galaxy formation and evolution.
This is a continuation of our past activities of hosting several joint seminars
in Tokyo and in Seoul on similar scientific themes.

Many young researchers and students are also encouraged
to attend the meeting and we promote active discussion and interactions
among the participants which will form a basis of our current
and future tight partnership in astronomy between the two countries.

On behalf of the Organizers
Myung Gyoon Lee, Professor, SNU
Nobuo Arimoto, Professor, NAOJ

Local Organizing Comittee
Nobuo Arimoto, NAOJ
Taddy Kodama, NAOJ
Narae Hwang, NAOJ
Toru Yamada, Tohoku University