COVID-19 restrictions in Spain

There are no longer any COVID-19 travel restrictions to enter Spain, even if you are unvaccinated, although you are encouraged to have a copy of your vaccination certificate. If you need a covid test for your return travel, these are available in Tenerife at the airports and through companies such as Quiron.

The use of masks is required on all public transport within Spain. This includes buses, trams and taxis, and may also include some flights - particularly internal Spanish flights. Masks are also required at pharmacies and any medical-related establishments in Spain. You will need to wear a mask on the bus journey to/from the tour of the Observatory.

We recommend wearing a mask at the conference, but it is not required. The room will be well ventilated during the conference.

Online access to the conference will be provided for all attendees. If you feel ill at any point in the conference, or test positive for covid, we ask you to switch to online attendance and to let us know.

Although changes to these rules are not expected before the conference takes place, if the rules do change then we will promptly inform attendees.

Where to go for dinner?

Here are some recommendations:


We have blocked rooms in the following hotels. Please note that the expiration dates for the blocking are different from one to the other. You should contact them with the congress name, "Galactic science and CMB foregrounds", in the e-mail subject, or contact them by phone.

Of course, there are many other hotels both in La Laguna or Santa Cruz. Booking works well. We recommend you to stay at La Laguna, as getting to the workshop venue from Santa Cruz is more complicated.


The workshop will take place in the "Sala multiusos" at the IACTEC headquarters. The hall is located at a distance of about 2 km from the city centre of San Cristóbal de La Laguna (usually just called 'La Laguna'). The venue is some 6 km away from the island's capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The workshop venue will have full facilities for the attendants including:

How to reach the venue

Instructions how to get there in English.
The adress of the venue is:
Edificio IACTEC, Parque Tecnológico y Científico de las Mantecas, 38320 San Cristobal de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

By public transport

The tram is most convenient for transport to and from the Guajara campus where the workshop takes place. It connects La Laguna and Santa Cruz and runs every 5-10 minutes in the mornings. Reaching the venue takes 10 minutes from La Laguna, and 20 from Santa Cruz (Tram: line 1. Stop: "Las Mantecas").
Additionally, Titsa buses connect all the other cities and villages of Tenerife.Buy your tram ticket from the machine before you board and validate it in the tram. You can buy bus tickets from the driver (cash or credit card).

By walking

The preferred means of transportation to reach the venue is by public transport (tram or bus). If you are considering to walk, please note that the La Laguna city centre is some 120 m higher than the IACTEC building. Walking from Santa Cruz to the venue can take very long (the height difference is some 420 m) and is not recommended.


Tenerife has two different airports: North and South.

Tenerife North airport (TFN) is located at La Laguna. A taxi ride from the airport to the city centre is ~10 €, and takes less than 10 minutes. Bus line 20 departs from TFN and has two stops only: La Laguna and Santa Cruz, both being the main bus stations (or Intercambiador) of the cities. It has a 30 minute frequency, and costs 2.65 € for a 5-10/10-20 minutes ride to La Laguna/Santa Cruz (but traffic jams can get quite serious). At La Laguna, it drops its passengers a bit far from the hotels mentioned below (it is just 10-15 minutes away, but you will be carrying your luggage). A taxi ride from the airport to Santa Cruz is ~18 €.

Tenerife South (TFS) is a bigger airport and has more connections, specially from outside Spain. TFS is ~80 km away from La Laguna, and a taxi ride costs around 80-100€. Bus lines 10 and 711 cover the TFS-Santa Cruz route: the first operates from 6:00 to 22:00, with a frequency of 30 min. Takes 50 minutes and costs 7.35 €. The second is the night service: from 22:00 to 6:00. The frequency is lower and not so constant. Takes over 1 hour and costs 9.35 €. Then you would need to take line 15 to La Laguna (takes 15-20 min and costs 1.45 €).

Buses can be paid with cash, credit card, pre-paid tickets and the official Ten+ app (iOS and Android): the last two are cheaper, with the app having an extra discount compared to the rest.

Further information on buses can be checked on You can call +34 922 255 555 to ask for a taxi from La Laguna, or +34 922 662 660 from Santa Cruz. Other vehicle-for-hire services are not available in Tenerife.