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Welcome to Astronomical Institute, Tohoku University homepage. We are conducting theoretical and observational researches of extra-solar planets, stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and cosmology. Observational researches are conducted using cutting-edge open use facilities such as Subaru telescope. We are also developping unique instruments for large telescopes, to reveal formation and evolution of galaxies.
Background image is a ultra-deep field image taken with the Subaru/MOIRCS and the HST/ACS. Subaru/MOIRCS is developped in the institute in collaboration with National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. Top-right is the center of the Orion nebula taken with Subaru/MOIRCS. Top-left image is students around the 50cm telescope at the top of our building.

Conducting Your Ph.D. Research in Our Institute

If you are interested in conducting your Ph.D. research (2 years of master cource plus 3 years of doctor cource or 3 years of doctor cource), you can apply for the International Graduate Program for Advanced Science (IGPAS) program. Explanation for IGPAS program is available from the faculty home page ( here ). If you are interested in applying for IGPAS, please check our staff list ( here ) and contact one of the staff members. List of the current graduate students and their research fields are available from here . List of recent Ph.D. thesis is available at the bottom of the page.

If you are belonging to one of overseas partner universities of Tohoku university, you can apply for one of advanced short-term exchange programs. Details of the programs, please check here .


2018.04.17 List of Ph.D thesis in this year is available from here , list of Ph.D. thesis for other years are available at the bottom of this page .
2018.04.17 Graduate Program on Physics for the Universe (GP-PU) program is on-going. (see here .) Call for graduate students for the program is available here .
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