About Me

Before coming to Tohoku University in Japan through the Japanese Government (MONBUKAGAKUSHO) scholarship, I lived in two cities of Iran; Shiraz & Tehran and two cities (Footnote 1) in Australia; Brisbane & Launceston. I have also had short stays in the United States, Germany, Taiwan, Dubai, Saudi-Arabia, Italy, Vatican, France, England, Scotland, Malaysia, Singapore. I love the diversity in humanity and wish to contribute to it through the first of nature's wonders that the human mind was able to find an order in and has inspired humanity to think about the world it lives in ever since: Astronomy.

I studied Physics in Shiraz University which houses the only academic astronomical observatory of Iran (Footnote 2): the Biruni Observatory (I designed the current webpage as a freshman). Due to my activities there I was finally honored by the chancellor of Shiraz University as Featured University Student of the year in 2005.

I was always very curious towards Japan; It's a very unique country; both very advanced and traditional, with a very interesting history, culture and nature. As I had already experienced living in the western and Middle Eastern cultures, I wanted to broaden my cultural heritage and experience living in this very unique country.

I was very fortunate to be granted the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MONBUKAGAKUSHO) scholarship for foreign students to pursue my studies in Tohoku University and ever since April 2010 I am living in Japan's "city of trees"; Sendai. The most attractive thing about this scholarship was that we had a six month intensive Japanese Language Course (as part of the scholarship) and I learnt the foundations of this very hard and interesting language and became familiar with lots of aspects of the unique Japanese Culture.

According to Science Watch, which is a part of Thomson-Reuters, Japan's strongest field of research is Space Sciences and Material Sciences and Tohoku University has the second highest rank in citations to it's research in Space Sciences.

The image above is taken in September 2010 in the historical section of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) headquarters in Mitaka, Tokyo. A really beautiful garden, historical telescopes and active scientific environment make this campus very nice.


  1. Charles Dicken's 1859 novel; A Tail of Two Cities, was my first fully read novel in high school and I really loved it!!!
  2. In Iran, theoretical studies are more favored!

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