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Notes on Cosmology
In the course of my graduate studies I have read several of the standard books on Cosmology, but I find some of them not beeing elaborate enough on some of the fundamental concepts. In these notes I have tried to address this issue: Explain those concepts in a better way. (These notes were added on March 26th, 2012) and will be further completed in the course of time.

History of Galaxy Evolution
This is not a time line of how galaxies have evolved in the universe, it is rather a timeline of how our knowledge of them and their evolution has grown through out the years of observing the skies. It is actually a summery of a section in a book that I have tried (am trying) to extend.

My Bachelor of Science Dissertation
My B.Sc dissertation for the Department of Physics in Shiraz University was on variable stars, it was titled Light curve analysis and finding the fundamental mode frequency of the SX PHE stars: CY AQR, KZ HYA & XX CYG compared with recent publications on these stars. Here, you can see the full Persian text (28pages, PDF) here and a short English summary (4 pages, PDF) of the results. The slides are also available, I presented these slides in a conference while I was an M.Sc student in the University of Tehran, that is why the have the logo of Tehran University.

Persian Writings and presentations in Astronomy
These are all documents I wrote prior to leaving Iran, all in Persian; the include papers I wrote for local journals and slides of courses I taught in Persian in Iran.

Notes on Stroustrup's Programming book
In order to learn C++ (a programming language) I am reading Bjarne Stroustrup's Programming -- Principles and Practice Using C++. You can see my notes on this book in this page.

Nice talks
In this link you can see some of the talks I really enjoy and strongly suggest.

History and Politics
Article on the History and Evolution of MIT
In 2008, I done a thorough research on the history and evolution of MIT (as a successful higher education institute) to obtain a better understanding on how good policies can lead to good research. My research was finally published in the Rahyaft Journal, which is about scientific policy. Here, you can read the very complete version by clicking on the title and the published version, both in Persian.

Persian translation of the USA Declaration of Independence
During the 2009 Green Movement in Iran, I was living in Tehran and experienced it very closely. The interesting thing for me was that while everyone was out shouting out things they don't want, I didn't actually see anyone talking about what they do want!!! So I translated the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 to Persian for my friends so they see how a real revolution should go; it should have a plan. Without it, another revolution would be worse than the first!

Diary of my stay in Florence
     A diary of my one day stay in this historic city
Diary of my stay in Paris
     A diary of a less than two week stay in Paris, 2005
Diary of my stay in Pisa
     A diary of my one day stay in the city of the leaning tower
Diary of my stay in Venice
     A diary of my two day stay in this very beautiful city

Quotations from "The Story of God"
I found these few paragraphs of this BBC Documentary very interesting regarding Religion and Science, it says them so beautifully.

Quotations from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio series:
Here are some parts of the famus "Hichhiker's guide to galaxy" radio series that while being a comedy has some very fundumental philosophical problems hidden inside it.

Japanese Vocabulary Flashcards
During my study of Japanese language I made digital flash cards to help me in the study; All the words of Minna no Nihongo I & II along with all those in Basic Kanji Book I and some of Basic Kanji Book II can be downloaded as CSV here.

My First Japanese Speech
This is the text of my first Japanese Speech in the Tohoku University Intensive Japanese Language Course, I wrote this less than two months after attending the classes; I had absolutely zero knowledge of Japanese before them!


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