The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) successfully took a picture of M87's black hole (BH) shadow surrounded by a ringlike emission, which is one of the strongest confirmations of Einstein’s general relativity and existence of supermassive BHs at the centers of galaxies. The picture also accelerates our investigations on the launching mechanism of relativistic jets in active galactic nuclei. A puzzling/surprising fact is that M87’s jet is unseen in the EHT picture, although it is overwhelmingly bright at longer wavelengths. The missing link between the BH shadow and the jet now draws much attention as one of the most important remaining issues. To address this issue, along with EHT, complementary VLBI observations at long wavelengths (3mm/7mm/10mm), offered by such as the Global Millimeter VLBI Array (GMVA), the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and the East Asian VLBI Network (EAVN) will play increasingly important roles.

The main purpose of this workshop is to get better understanding on BH-powered outflows in the universe. The M87 jet is a prototype in such sources and the first M87 EHT results provide us with a lot of new perspectives on it. Hence, the lineup of invited speakers in this workshop are mostly linked to the first EHT M87 results, and the following topics will be covered by those talks.

Invited Speakers:

Important dates:

- Registration and abstract submission deadline: December 1 December 9

- Registration deadline for those who do not plan a talk/poster: January 10

- For those who need VISA, please contact the organizers by Novermber 18

Organizing Committees:

SOC: K. Toma (FRIS, chair), K. Hada (NAOJ Mizusawa VLBI), M. Kino (Kogakuin Univ/NAOJ)
LOC: S. Kimura (FRIS), T. Ogihara (Tohoku Univ)
Contact address: agn_jet_2020_at_astr.tohoku.ac.jp (please replace "_at_" to @)


- Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Tohoku University
- JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research 18H01245