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NCU-DELTA Young Astronomer Lectureship Award!

(2017 Dec 1)
I was awarded the Autumn 2017 NCU-DELTA Young Astronomer Lectureship Award!
The NCU-Delta Young Astronomer Lectureship Award recognizes young astronomers who have made outstanding achievements in the field of astronomy. This award was established by the Graduate Institute of Astronomy, National Central University (NCU) in Taiwan and Delta Electronics Foundation.

The public lecture at Delta Electronics Foundation on October 20, 2017.
(Credit: Delta Electronics Foundation)

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The first electromagnetic counterpart of GW sources!

(2017 Oct 17)
(Credit: NAOJ, Nagoya Univ.)


Inoue Science Research Award!

(2017 Feb 17)
I was awarded the 9th Inoue Science Research Award!
The Inoue Science Research Award aims to support the creativity and independence of young researchers who have displayed outstanding achievements in fundamental research in natural science, and aim to pioneer developments. It is awarded to researchers who received their doctor’s degrees within the last nine years.

Me (right) with Dr. Masato Shirasaki (left, DTA, NAOJ)


MEXT Young Scientists' Prize!

(2016 Apr 23)
I was awarded MEXT* Young Scientists' Prize!
This award is given to researchers younger than 40 years old who have accomplished remarkable achievements showing great aptitude for exploratory or creative research with unique ideas in science and technology.
The ceremony was held at the MEXT on 2016 Apr 20.
(*MEXT = Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

Me (left) with Dr. Masao Saito (center) and Dr. Seiji Zenitani (right)


ASJ Young Astronomer Award!

(2016 Mar 18)
I was awarded ASJ (Astronomical Society of Japan) Young Astronomer Award!
It is given annually to at most three young researchers, who have made significant accomplishments in astronomy.
The ceremony was held at the ASJ meeting on 2016 Mar 15.



New book on supernova!

(2015 Jul 23)
A book on supernovae (for general public) has been published by Beret Publishing Co.!


Neutron star merger: new movie

(2014 Mar 27)
A nice movie is now available at 4D2U website!
- Electromagnetic Radiation from Neutron Star Merger -

4D2U contents (in Japanese)
4D2U contents (in English)

Research highlight

Emission from neutron star merger

(2013 Aug 27)

Press Release

Revealing 3D Structure of Supernovae

(2012 Aug 3)

Press Release

KISS First Supernova!

(2012 Jun 27)

Press release (Kiso Observatory, in Japanese)
We have started a high-cadence supernova survey "KISS" (Kiso Supernova Survey),
and have discovered several supernovae.


Figures for proceedings cover page

(2012 May 14)

Figures of our spectropolarimetric observations/simulations of supernovae
are selected for the cover page of the conference proceedings

(lower panels from Tanaka, M. et al. 2012)


Inoue Research Award for Young Scientists

(2012 Jan 13)
I was awarded Inoue Research Award for Young Scientists!
30 researchers (including me) from wide area of science are awarded in this year.
The ceremony will be held on 2012 Feb 3rd.

(photo at the ceremony, 2012 Feb)


Live radio broadcast!

(2011 Oct 8)
Please visit TBS radio (in Japanese).


Ask a Scientist

(2011 Jul 8)
-- Ask a Scientist -- Short video about "Supernova Explosions"
You can watch the movie at IPMU website or YouTube (in Japanese).


President's Prize from Univ. of Tokyo

(2010 Mar 24)
I was awarded President's Prize from University of Tokyo!
This is the award for my PhD thesis, titled "Supernovae in Three Dimensions".

I was also awarded Research Prize from Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo. See here for more detail (in Japanese).

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The most luminous Type Ia supernova

(2009 Sep 14)

Press Release (in Japanese)

Press Release

Light echoes from Tycho Brahe's supernova

(2008 Dec 4)

Credit: Oliver Krause, MPIA

Press Release

Supernovae are not round

(2008 Feb 1)


Text book on supernova and nucleosynthesis

(2007 Sep 27)
A text book on supernovae and nucleosynthesis in the Universe has been published by Iwanami-Shoten Publishers!
I have written 3 chapters among 9 chapters (see my publication).


Research prize

(2007 Mar 22)
I was awarded Research Prize from Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo.
This is the award for my Master thesis, titled "Multi-Dimensional Simulations of Radiative Transfer in Aspherical Supernovae".

See here for more detail (in Japanese).

Press Release

A New Kind of Stellar Explosion

(2006 Aug 31)

Credit: European Southern Observatory (2006)

Press Release (in Japanese)