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銀河物理学特論I: Galactic Astronomy (IGPAS)


大型望遠鏡の活躍により銀河の形成と進化について様々な観測的情報が 得られつつある。ここでは現在の理解の基本となっている論文を輪講することで 銀河の形成と進化について観測的に明らかになったことを理解することを目的 とする。

ここでは特に観測的結果に重みを置き、銀河の観測の手法、道筋、それにより 明かされた情報、および現在の観測の限界について理解することを目指す。

講義は各分野の背景説明と論文の輪講で進める。出席者は一度は指定された論文を 読んで発表する。講義への出席と発表の内容によって成績を評価する。

Formation and evolution of galaxies revealed by observational approach

This lecture is also held as a IGPAS lecutre and made in mixture of English and Japanese. Recent observations with large ground-based / space telescopes revealed various aspects of formation and evolution of galaixes. In this lecture, by reading fundamental science papers, understand the formation and evolution of galaxies revealed by observational approach.

By reading science papers, understand the method of observational astronomy, technologies of observations, and physical properties revealed by the observations. Understand the current limit of observational approach to formation and evolution of galaxies.

By reading science papers selected systematically, review the entire field of observational approach to formation and evolution of galaixes

The goals of the lecture are 1) understand the "observed" properties of galaxies in the local universe, including AGNs, 2) understand the "observed" evolution of the properties in the cosmic history, and 3) overview methods of the observations and instruments. I expect you will be used to 1) reading English papers, 2) English wording in the field of astronomy, 3) summarizing papers, and 4) explaining in English.

Every attendee need to read one of the selected papers and make presentation on the paper. The score will be determined by the presentation.

  • Section 1: Statistical properties of galaxies in the local universe
    • 10/07 1-1: Morphological properties, stellar populations
    • 10/21 1-2: Dynamical structure
    • 10/28 1-3: Emission line diagnostics, multi-wavelength view, gas contents
    • 11/11 1-4: Super massive black holes, active galactic nuclei
    • 11/18 1-5: Dependence of galaxy properties on environment
  • Section 2: Observations of galaxies in the distant (high-redshift) universe
    • 11/25 2-1: Searching for distant galaxies, method (Seminar presentation)
    • 12/02 2-2: Evolution of luminosity and mass functions of galaxies (Seminar presentation)
    • 12/09 2-3: Chemical evolution of galaxies (Seminar presentation)
    • 12/16 2-4: Evolution of dynamical properties of galaxies (Seminar presentation)
    • 01/06 2-5: Evolution of galaxies in clusters of galaxies (Seminar presentation)
    • 01/20 2-6: Co-evolution of galaxies and super massive black holes (Seminar presentation)
    • 01/27 2-7: Summary


Astronomical Institute, Tohoku University

akiyama _at_ astr.tohoku.ac.jp

Phone: 022-795-6511