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15 Stable Operation of a 300-m Laser Interferometer with Sufficient Sensitivity to Detect Gravitational-Wave Events within Our Galaxy M. Ando and TAMA collaboration(including Toshifumi Futamase ) Physical Review Letters, vol. 86, Issue 18, pp. 3950-3954
14 Gravitational Lesing in Observational Cosmology Toshifumi Futamase p.150, edited by M. Sakagami
Pcoceedings of International Workshop
Frontiers of Cosmolgy and Gravitation, 2001
13 R-mode Instability of Slowly Rotating Non-isentropic Relativistic Stars Shijun Yoshida
T. Futamase
Phy. Rev. D., 64, 123001
12 Possible Method to Reconstruct the Cosmic Equation of State from Strong Gravitational Lensing Systems Kazuhiro Yamamoto
Toshifumi Futamase
Prog. Theor. Phys. 105, p.707, (2001)
11 Feasibility of Probing Dark Energy with Strong Gravitational Lensing Sysytem. K. Yamamoto
Y. Kadoya
T. Murata
T. Futamase
Prog. Theor. Phys, 106, No.5, 917-928, 2001
10 Radial Arc Statistics: A Powerful New Probe of the Central Density Profile of Galaxy Clusters Kohji Molikawa
Makoto Hattori
9 Universal gas density and temperature profile Eiichiro Komatsu
Uros Seljak
8 r-modes of slowly rotating non-isentropic relativistic stars Shijun Yoshida gr-qc/0101115
7 Implication Omega_m through the morphological analysis of weak lensing feilds Jun'ichi Sato
Masahiro Takada
Y. P. Jing, and
Toshifumi Futamase
ApJL, 551, L5-L8 ,2001
6 Equation of Motion for Relativistic Compact Binaries with the Strong Field Point Particle Limit: the Second and Half Post-Newtonian Order Yousuke Itoh
Toshifumi Futamase
Hideki Asada
Phys. Rev. D63:064038,2001
5 On the abundance of collapsed objects M. Kerscher
T. Buchert,and
Toshifumi Futamase
ApJ. Letters, 558, L75-78, (2001)
4 Light propagation in inhomogeneous universe II. Cosmological Parameter Survey P. Premana, H. Martel, R. Matzner and Toshifumi Futamase astro-ph/0101359
ApJ. Supplement,135, 7-39, (2001)
3 Possible method to reconstruct the cosmic equation of state from strong gravitational lensing systems K. Yamamoto
Toshifumi Futamase
Prog. Theor. Phys. 105, p.707, (2001)
2 Possible measurement of Quintessence and density parameter using strong gravitational lensing events Toshifumi Futamase
Shijun Yoshida
Prog. Theor. Phys 105, p.887, (2001)


R-modes of neutron stars with a solid crust

Shijun Yoshida,
Umin Lee

Astrophys. J.129, Issue 1, pp. 353-366

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