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7 LoCuSS: Calibrating Mass-observable Scaling Relations for Cluster Cosmology with Subaru Weak-lensing Observations N. Okabe, Y. -Y. Zhang, A. Finoguenov, M. Takada, G. P. Smith, K. Umetsu, T. Futamase The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 721, Issue 1, pp.875-885(2010)
6 A dipole anisotropy of galaxy distribution: Does the CMB rest-frame exist in the local universe? Y. Itoh, K. Yahata and M. Takada Physical Review D, vol. 82, Issue 4, id. 043530
5 LoCuSS: Subaru Weak Lensing Study of 30 Galaxy Clusters N. Okabe, M. Takada, K. Umetsu, T. Futamase and G. P. Smith Publication of the Astronomical Society of Japan, Vol.62, No.3, pp.811--870
4 The impact of photometric redshift errors on weak lensing tomography: a clipping method of the catastrophic errors A. J. Nishizawa, M. Takada, T. Hamana, H. Furuswa The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 718, Issue 2, pp.1252-1265(2010)
3 Quasinormal modes of Kerr-de Sitter black holes S. Yoshida, N. Uchikata and T. Futamase Physical Review D, vol. 81, Issue 4, id. 044005
2 Weak Lensing Mass Measurements of Substructures in COMA Cluster with Subaru/Suprime-Cam N. Okabe, Y. Okura and T. Futamase The Astrophysical Jourcal, Volume 713, Issue 1, pp.291-303(2010)
1 Non-Gaussianity generated in the inflationary scenario with nonminimally coupled inflaton field N. Sugiyama and T. Futamase Physics Review D, vol. 81, id. 023504

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