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Journal Papers in 2004

Cautions: at present, these lists are incomplete.
Papers listed here are the ones the authors of that includes at least one member of our group.
The writer of this page does not concern with who of authors of each paper mainly contributed to it.

3 Coincidence analysis to search for inspiraling compact binaries using TAMA300 and LISM data H. Takahashi and TAMA collaboration(including T. Futamase) Physical Review D, vol. 70, Issue 4, id. 042003
2 Numerical analysis of quasinormal modes in nearly extremal Schwarzschild-de Sitter spacetimes S. Yoshida, T. Futamase Phy. Rev. D, 69,064025 (2004)
1 Hamiltonian of a free neutron in curved spacetime on the Earth T. Morishima,T. Futamase, H. M. Shimizu Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, Volume 529, Issue 1-3, p. 187-189.

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